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Water Collective secures life-lasting clean water through robust solutions and economic empowerment. Our big picture approach to the water crisis tackles the economic hardships millions have faced to keep their water sources running.

20-70% of installed handpumps in sub-Saharan Africa are no longer functioning. In the estimated 1-4 billion people without safe drinking water, millions more have been stripped of a water source they used to have. In Africa alone it is estimated that in the past 20 years, 70 million people have lost access to water due to a failed source.

After years in the field observing broken handpumps and abandoned solutions, Water Collective was developed to approach the water crisis from a different angle. We believe that focusing on making water life-lasting triumphs over rapid expansion with temporary solutions. We believe in long-term strategies that integrate life-cycle costs and collaborate with existing community collectives. We believe that a supportive economy and knowledgeable community are key to clean water and keeping it there. We believe in empowerment before giving, requiring benefitting communities to co-finance their water projects so that they are involved in building their own futures. Above all, we believe that we can only achieve this by working together.